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We Are Nature How to reconnect with the wild (Hardback)
A journey of discovery through our natural world.

Bushcraft and survival legend Ray Mears takes us on his own lifetime's journey through the natural world, into the British countryside and across continents, and shows us how to tune our senses, enhance our experience of nature, and understand our place within it.

Guiding us through practical fieldcraft tips, Ray brings us up close with creatures we share our planet with, and reveals how we can learn from them, from the stealth of the leopard to the patience and stillness of the crocodile, and even the colour-changing camouflage of the octopus.

With Ray as your companion, you will unlock the hidden secrets of the wild and begin to see, instead of merely look.
Imprint: Ebury Press
Published: 25/03/2021
ISBN: 9781529107982
Length: 320  Pages
Dimensions: 242mm x 30mm x 160mm

We Are Nature How to reconnect with the wild (Hardback)

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